We will purchase your timber or work for a percentage!

One thing that an experienced logger knows is how to use heavy equipment. Logging is difficult and challenging, trees are heavy and you must be able to handle them quickly, efficiently and safely. We have mechanized and man-powered labor to negotiate the timber stands. This makes us effective in our timber harvest.

Your timber stand is a unique treasure and a source of pride and income. The number of conifer species in the Pacific Northwest is unequaled. We will purchase your timber outright or do the logging for a percentage.

Land Clearing:

We have a distinct landscape: ferns, conifers and maples. Watching the bulldozers clearing the land reminds us that destructive clearing, and burning is detrimental to the environment and to our unique wildlife. At Northfork Enterprises we pride ourselves on minimizing this damage. As the big earthmoving equipment begin growling and roaring, we carefully control the chaos generated by these ironclad behemoths.

Debris Cleanup:

Everyone has land debris they want to get rid of, but not everyone has a truck or the time to take their stuff to the dump. We provide the truck and the crew to load and remove all your unwanted landscape items. Our rates are affordable.

We offer full service debris removal and demolition company. Debris Clearing can include getting rid of all those blackberries, brush removal clearing the first trees to come up after clearing the land. Some older hemlocks can be dangerous. Call for a free inspection and cost analysis

Mobile Grinding:

Our Mobile Grinder is large enough to do any job! We travel from Bellingham to Chehalis with our "Commercial Tub Grinder", we turn land assets into investments cleared for growth.


From homeowners looking for some dependable excavating services, to commercial property developers looking for some land clearing or site prep services, Northfork Enterprises Littlejohn Inc., we'll provide you with the services you need. You will be satisfied with our reliable, quality workmanship on all size jobs both large and small.